EXEDY Solidifies Sponsor Contract with the Iga FC Kunoichi Team of the Nadeshiko League


EXEDY Solidifies Sponsor Contract with the Iga FC Kunoichi Team of the Nadeshiko League

In line with the soccer season that is just around the corner, EXEDY was proud to be announced as the main sponsor of the Iga FC Kunoichi women’s team for the 2012 season by the Nadeshiko League’s president, Mr. Shigeo Yoshimori. The press conference at the Ueno Frex Hotel announced that the players will wear the EXEDY logo on their uniform for the 2012 season in a league that is home to players of the Japan World Cup Team.


For 2012, the uniforms have been revamped compared to the previous years in terms of design and fitment. The women will be wearing jerseys especially fitted for women athletes where as in previous years the women had played in shirts fitted for men due to the lower cost. Design wise, the jerseys have gained vertical stripes made up of small stars. Those stars represent the team ninja mascot as well as the ninjas that are historically famous from Iga city.

伊賀FCくノ一 2012年シーズンユニフォーム
From the Left、Goal Keeper Maya Ono (wearing the away goal keeper uniform.)、
Captain Suzuka Ono(wearing the home uniform)
and Vice Captain Makiko Kobayashi (wearing the away uniform).

In 1975, EXEDY had established the Ueno plant in Iga City and of recently yearshad looked for ways to show participation in the city it owes much to. By means of supporting the local soccer team in the small town, EXEDY’s Director and Senior Executive Managing Officer Mr. Terada, mentioned to the press of his hopes to the Iga team to become a popular and strong competitor that will bring much attention to the city of Iga. Kunoichi representative, Mr. Yoshimori, addressed to the press how he hopes to have a team prepared for winning the championship this season. The new team captain, Suzuka Ono, noted that the sharp looking new jerseys have fired up her teammates for the new season. Lastly, the team’s manager Naoto Otake made it clear in his remarks that he will bring his team from Iga to all across the country to competitively compete for the championship.

伊賀FCくノ一 2012年シーズンユニフォーム

Please join us this season in wishing the Iga FC Kunoichi team the best of luck.

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