Work Begins at the New Headquarters


Work Begins at the New Headquarters

As the construction of the new headquarters had been completed on February 28th 2012, employees have started operation within the new facility as of March 26th 2012.

The new building consists of 11 floors, standing 56.6 meters tall with 12,500 square meters of floor space. Inside of the building reside numerous offices, rooms for meetings as well as a hall with seating for 250 people. Efforts to lower our dependency on outside energy sources and CO2 consumption, numerous solar and wind powered fixtures have been installed throughout the building and landscape.

The New Headquarters Introduction


太陽光発電 風力発電
Renewable energy fixtures have been implemented to take advantage of sun and wind power.
空調・照明設備 自家発電装置
Lighting and air conditioning are automatically controlled through motion sensors in order to conserve energy. In a situation where the building was to lose power, the facility is supported by a back-up emergency generator.


  • For visitors of the new headquarters, please check in at the new entrance near the front of the new building.
  • Outside telephone number, FAX numbers and mail addresses have not changed and will remain the same.

Outline of the New Headquarters

Building Name EXEDY Corporation New Headquarters
Material Steel (Reinforced joints that absorb vibration from earthquakes)
Height 11 Floors
Land Area 5,941m²
Building Area 1,242m²
Interior Space 12,586m²
Completion February 28th 2012

Departments That Have Moved to the New Head Quarters

  • Internal Auditing Department
  • Accounting Planning Headquarters
  • Sales Headquarters
  • General Affairs Headquarters
  • Global Strategy Headquarters
  • Motorcycle Clutch Development Headquarters
  • Development Headquarters
  • Purchasing Headquarters

The departments mentioned above are currently operating out of the new building.

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