The 62<sup>nd</sup> Annual Shareholder’s Meeting was Held


The 62nd Annual Shareholder’s Meeting was Held

The 62nd annual shareholder’s meeting of EXEDY Corporation was held on June 22nd, 2012 from 10:00AM at the EXEDY Hall in Osaka Neyagawa City. The meeting’s results are found within the following statements.

Voting Results

Agenda Item #1, Surplus Distribution

The members have decided by vote that 25 yen will be distributed per share to shareholders.

Agenda Item #2, Announcement of Board Members and Appointments

As originally proposed, Haruo Shimizu, Etsuji Terada, Hisayasu Masaoka, Masayuki Matsuda and Hidehito Hisakawa are joined by the newly appointed 4 members, Tadashi Nakahara, Hiroshi Toyohara, Kagenori Fukumura and Fumio Fujimori. Fujio Fujimori's position is as an outside director.

End of Meeting


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